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          2. We believe leadership can be taught, and offer many chances for students to learn to successfully organize and collaborate with others on projects. These include volunteer opportunities in which students often make a real difference in local communities. 
            Jack Wright '19 helps run a food-salvage program that feeds the needy and fuels his interest in sustainability.

            Leadership Opportunities

            Student Organizations

            Student Organizations

            As the leader of a student organization you’ll participate in basic leadership training and develop communication, budgeting, event-planning and problem-solving skills. Club and intramural sports captains also develop leadership skills.

            Levitt Leaders

            Levitt Leadership Workshops & Institute

            Leadership workshops and the Levitt Leadership Institute will help you gain the skills and knowledge to make a positive difference in the world with a focus on developing a global mindset, ethical behaviors and regard for the public good.

            Volunteer Opportunities

            Rescue Mission Volunteers

            Community Opportunity and Outreach Project (COOP)

            不思意棋牌The COOP sponsors community service opportunities, connecting Hamilton students with non-profit agencies in the Mohawk Valley.

            HAVOC Volunteers at Retirement Community

            Hamilton Association for Volunteering, Outreach and Charity (HAVOC)

            HAVOC is a student-run service organization whose leaders learn about organizational structure, event-planning and running an effective program.

            Alternative Spring Break

            Alternative Spring Break (ASB)

            Each year more than 100 Hamilton students spend a week of their spring break volunteering at one of 10 nonprofit organizations. Student leaders plan the trips and assume responsibility for their success.

            Project SHINE

            Project Shine

            不思意棋牌Students who participate in Project SHINE (Students Helping in the Naturalization of Elders) act as English coaches to refugees and immigrants who have settled in the Utica area.

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