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                          • Outcomes Reports

                            Each year, the Career Center surveys recent graduates to track their progress during their first year after Hamilton. The resulting Outcomes Report includes data about career fields and employers, where graduates are pursuing advanced degrees and postgraduate fellowships, as well as outcome information for each concentration.

                            In a recent survey of the Class of 2018:

                            Overall Status
                            421 (95.2%) are employed in a job or internship, in graduate school, or engaged in a graduate fellowship opportunity.
                            333 (75.3%)  are employed with a job
                            11.1% (49) are enrolled in graduate school
                            3.8% (17) are participating in a post-graduate fellowship
                            Based on information from 442 out of a class of 493 graduates (90%).
                            About Our Seniors and Recent Grads


                            Seniors and new graduates are launching careers or taking the next step toward professional degrees.

                            Contact Information

                            Career Center

                            Third floor of Bristol Center
                            198 College Hill Road
                            Clinton, NY 13323 
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