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                              2. Estimate Your
                                Financial Aid

                                With need-blind admission, generous financial aid awards, and roughly half of our students receiving financial assistance, Hamilton is committed to ensuring that our education is accessible to students from all financial backgrounds.

                                To help your family estimate what your college costs might be at Hamilton, we have developed two unique tools:



                                不思意棋牌Hamilton’s MyinTuition quick college cost estimator asks six basic financial questions and will provide your family with an estimated range of your student's financial aid eligibility.


                                Net Price Calculator

                                不思意棋牌Hamilton’s net price calculator is a more comprehensive tool that will provide your family with a single estimate of your student's financial aid eligibility.

                                The estimated results you obtain are confidential and will not be used during our review of application materials submitted to our office.

                                Keep in mind that while both tools provide estimates, the Office of Financial Aid will ultimately determine your financial aid eligibility with more complete information. Students who are accepted to Hamilton and apply for financial aid不思意棋牌 will be notified of their eligibility at the point of admission.

                                Who should use the quick college cost estimator and/or net price calculator?

                                These tools are designed for U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are prospective students.

                                If you are a Canadian citizen, please use the College Board Expected Family Contribution Calculator.

                                Please note that in certain circumstances such as divorced/separated families or business/farm owners, Hamilton’s quick college cost estimator and net price calculator may not provide an accurate estimate of your student’s financial aid eligibility.

                                If you have questions about the estimate produced by the net price calculator, or about applying for financial aid in general, please don’t hesitate to email Hamilton’s Office of Financial Aid.

                                Contact Information

                                Office of Financial Aid

                                800-859-4413 315-859-4962
                                Back to Top

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