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                        • Hamilton’s 1,350-acre campus is situated on College Hill overlooking the picturesque New England-style village of Clinton, N.Y. We are 10 minutes from Utica to the northeast, 45 minutes from Syracuse to the west and 90 minutes from Albany to the east. The Adirondack Park is a favorite nearby destination for outdoor activities.

                          Area Information

                          Hotel Utica

                          Where to Stay

                          Chose from charming bed and breakfasts to national chain hotels when visiting Hamilton.

                          Adirondack railroad

                          What to Do

                          Whether you’re an arts aficionado, a sports fanatic or a history buff, our region has a venue you won’t want to miss.

                          Bite Bakery & Cafe

                          Where to Eat

                          不思意棋牌The Utica area is known for its great restaurants and variety of ethnic cuisine. You’ll also find the standard national chains.

                          Clinton boutique shop

                          Clinton, N.Y.

                          Founded in 1787, the village is named for New York’s first governor, George Clinton. The world famous Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. was founded here by two Hamilton alumni in the late 1800s.

                          Stanley Theatre

                          Our Favorites

                          Here’s a list of some of the “not-to-miss” places our students love in the region.

                          Featured Video

                          Village of Clinton

                          不思意棋牌Clinton is a great college town — lots of history, shops, and food options. Hamilton students say that being in the village feels like home, they get to know the local shop owners and often see professors shopping or walking their dogs.

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