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                            • The words “Know Thyself” appear in Greek at the top of the College seal, which dates back to Hamilton’s founding more than 200 years ago. Only after gaining a full appreciation of your strengths, skills and interests can you contribute meaningfully to society and achieve the professional success and personal satisfaction you seek.

                              A Time of Transformation

                              不思意棋牌You will be transformed at Hamilton — personally, intellectually, socially, spiritually. Perhaps it’s an academic or extracurricular interest you didn’t know you had. Maybe it’s a newfound love of the outdoors. Whatever your interests, we will help you discover the future you were meant to pursue. It’s happened for students before you and it will happen for you.

                              Elizabeth Perry '18

                              Elizabeth Perry ’18

                              Since my first year at Hamilton, I have enjoyed my geoscience and French classes. For a while, I considered the two subjects to be fairly unrelated subjects because while I hope to have a future in the environmental field, I had been pursuing French out of a purely personal interest.

                              Jack Gumina '19 during his study abroad in New Zealand.

                              Jack Gumina ’19

                              I feel that women’s and gender studies has taught me how to think about people holistically and to realize that many people’s experience of the world is dramatically different from my own. This is something which I believe must be taken into account to be a good doctor.

                              At Hamilton I learned that I could pursue, nurture and develop many diverse interests by remembering the motto ‘Know Thyself,’ thereby enriching my life and the lives of my family and friends.

                              George Fosdick, Jr. ’49 — reflecting in his Hamilton 50th reunion yearbook

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