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          • The quality of personal interaction that takes place in our classrooms extends to residences, performance halls, playing fields, dining halls, labs and to casual conversations that take place in Café Opus. That’s why we seek a diverse student body. Different perspectives and life experiences expand the breadth and augment the rigor of the intellectual life of our College.
            Engage in Dialogue

            Days-Massolo Center

            不思意棋牌Programming explores intersections among gender, race, culture, religion, sexuality, ability, socioeconomic class and other facets of human difference.

            Programs & Services

            Accessibility Services

            Hamilton is committed to providing equal opportunity and access to qualified students with disabilities.

            Faith & Spirituality

            The Chaplaincy serves students from all faith backgrounds and traditions through variety of weekly events, celebrations and annual traditions.

            Gender & Sexuality

            From an Open Doors Discussion Group to Safe Zone Training Workshops to events marking Sexual Liberation Week, student-led groups engage the community in important, candid dialogue.

            International Student Services

            不思意棋牌Students from 40 countries are welcomed at Hamilton and become an integral part of our community. The Dean of Students Office assists international students in a variety of ways.

            Opportunity Programs

            不思意棋牌The Opportunity Programs Office provides tailored personal and academic support that helps students build lifelong habits and skills.

            Peer Mentoring Project (MP2)

            Experienced student mentors are matched with first-year international, first-generation (first in the family to attend college) and historically underrepresented students.

            Posse Scholars

            Public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential, but who may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes, come to Hamilton through this four-year scholarship program.


            Through the QuestBridge National College Match, Hamilton offers a number of College Match scholarships that cover the full cost of tuition, room and board, are loan-free, and require no parental contribution.

            Regional Diversity
            culture and cuisine

            Regional Diversity

            不思意棋牌Utica, N.Y., about eight miles from Hamilton, is an ethnically diverse metropolitan area, in part because it is a major destination for refugees from Burma, Bosnia, Vietnam and Somalia, among other countries. Students frequently visit Utica to volunteer or sample the city's culture and cuisine.

            Just the Facts

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